• Original model of platforms and canopy cover
    • Canopy cover model with Cleveland pear tree leaves for size and color
    • Model with plan
    • View of steel base for three 20'-long columns
    • Option with large umbrellas
    • Platforms with shrink-wrap
    • Muslin and duct tape mock-up

    “Tree House” 1 and 2

    The canopy of the tulip poplars is very high and the scale of the trunks makes the steel poles feel like saplings, but the feeling of leafy enclosure at a lower level will be effectively felt by the proximity to the red buds. Adjacent evergreens provide a more solid side.

    Design and canopy mock-ups: Charles Loomis, Chariss McAfee
    Metal fabrication and installation, canopy conversations: Moore Design, Steven Moore
    Structural base fabrication: Frank B Clayton Sons Inc
    Construction: Tom Beilman

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