• PWD sewershed map with outfalls to the Schuylkill River and the Delaware River


    A team consisting of Charles Loomis Chariss McAfee Architects, North Street Design members Juliet Geldi and Gavin Riggall, Franco Montalto PhD, Alex Waldman and Katherine Travaline from Drexel University, and Timothy Bartrand from Tetra Tech have been conducting a planning study for the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) in its effort to develop a plan for promoting green infrastructure (GI) adoption on public and private land over a 252-block neighborhood. The area contains over 10,000 lots, three-quarters of which are residential, and 18.5% of which are vacant.

    To effectively implement its recently EPA-approved Green City Clean WatersCombined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan, PWD needs to develop reliable means of achieving significant GI adoption in neighborhoods. It also needs new tools with which to evaluate design considerations, incorporate public input, and compare alternative programs that, for example, provide various kinds of economic incentives to private property owners who choose to adopt GI, or leverage funds earmarked for GI in the public right-of-way with other ongoing projects. Because of the physical, social, legal, economic and institutional complexities associated with such efforts, conventional site assessment, design approaches, community outreach, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, are not sufficient for addressing this problem.CREDITS:
    Charles Loomis Chariss McAfee Architects: Charles Loomis, Chariss McAfee
    North Street Design: Juliet Geldi, Gavin Riggall
    Drexel University: Dr. Franco Montalto, Alex Waldman, Katherine Travaline
    Tetra Tech Clancy Environmental: Timothy Bartrand
    Smyler & Gentile Attorneys at Law
    Breaking News: Green City, Clean Waters Gets The Green Light
    On June 1st, the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will sign a groundbreaking agreement that will allow PWD to officially implement its Green City, Clean Waters plan.

    PWD plans to spend approximately $2 billion over the next 25 years to use primarily green stormwater infrastructure (stormwater tree trenches, porous pavement, rain gardens, sidewalk planters) to transform man-made surfaces that repel the rain into Greened Acres that capture, infiltrate and manage rainwater runoff—just like Mother Nature.

    For more information on the historic agreement to officially launch Green City, Clean Waters, please view the attached press release and visit: http://www.phillywatersheds.org.

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